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What You Need to Know About Dynamo Lighting. Your average bicycle shop will offer plenty of choices for. (plus having a USB charger for my bike gizmos.

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The Goal Zero was able to charge a device while itself being charged by the hub dyno.Regarding the Supernova hub, you might save money going for a Shutter Precision hub instead.

Touring Edition SpinPOWER S1-R Universal Smartphone

However, for aesthetics and convenience, I am considering adding some quick release connectors so I can store it in my handlebar bag.

The Supernova hub has basically the same internals as the SP hub.The Revolution weighs in at a mere 37 grams, less than half the weight of the Plug when you include the additional PATS cable appendage dangling inside the steer tube.

Find great deals on eBay for usb bicycle dynamo charger and bicycle generator.The Garmin was a little difficult to get operating and charging at the same time.


I suspect that my troubles with The Plug were caused by water damage.

Also with this, there will be no worries about water-proofness, too.It would be great if the product came with some quick connectors to make it easily removable, allowing me to keep it in the handlebar bag at all times.I have sold my bike and I am about the buy a new one these days.View and Download Bike2Power SpinPower S1 user manual online. bicycle-mounted usb charger kits. To Remove the Dynamo a.The Revolution, a hub dynamo USB charger by Sinewave Cycles (formerly known as Bright Bike).

Bicycle Cell Phone Charger - Creative Inventions of 2008

Therefore I will have a RAVPower Portable Charger 3200mAh External Battery Pack with flashlight as the cache battery.While delux is light, it provides less power at the same speed compared to, say, SON28.Sinewave Cycles is a small company whose products are designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.The PATS cable failed, the green LED burnt out and charging became intermittent.I used the sinewave usb charger and a Goal Zero AA battery pack on a three day ride from Boston to Syracuse.

It simply requires some wire crimping and an optional zip-tie.This battery has the ability to charge and discharge at the same time, essential for this use.Cache battery, on the other hand, provides a more steady power to the products.Before I went with dynamo lighting I used a Cateye Single Shot 1w LED rechargable.

The Supernova is claimed to have better lower speed power delivery.I started this bike trip with what I thought was the ultimate hub dynamo USB charging system.I was always concerned when my iPhone had to drop-in and out from charge at critical speeds when going slow.

Shimano Nexus Generator Hubs For Bicycles

I would need to occasionally unplug and replug the cable to get the Garmin to operate.I was able to keep my phone, Garmin, and lights all fully charged each day.Web site by Sheldon Brown If you would like to make a link or.Enjoy your power in cycling with SunUpEco bicycle USB charger dynamo.

The new set-up will be a Supernova hub dynamo linked to Revolution.I agree with you about the Sinewave not needing a cache battery.

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